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Lee Valley Velopark

The velodrome which hosted the 2012 London Olympic Games was due an upgrade to its lighting system. Modern LED-based luminaires promised superior efficiency, control and quality of light for riders, spectators and TV broadcast - compared to the ageing metal-halide lamp technology.

The role on this project was to be the client’s consultant in procuring a new LED lighting system for the track, the infield and spectator areas; a new lighting control system; and replacement of old downlights. This involved an extensive technical briefing and assessment exercise to secure a luminaire manufacturer with industry leading products and technical calculation service.
Zumtobel Thorn were the successful lighting provider and Studiotech were employed to supply and commission an E:Cue control system

800 CFL downlights were also replaced with LED alternatives. This change took the total energy load for these luminaires from 20kW down to 10kW, whilst increasing the delivered lumens, improving the spectral quality of light, and eliminating regular lamp changes.

Overall, electricity load was reduced from 388kW to 195kW (a 50% saving), whilst delivering improved quality of light, better glare control, higher uniformity, dimming and fast switching (by DMX) and no need for lamp changes.

Electrical services provided by Elcom.

Completion: 2022

Services delivered under contract to BDP.

Photos: copyright Amphitype

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